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Bike injuries can throw you off your game.
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Max Draitser | Southern California Bicycle Attorneys

Bike injuries can throw you off your game.
Call our office today. Let us advocate for you.

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I was involved in a hit-and-run accident in March of 2012 while riding my bike. The car hit me while I was riding my bike across a crosswalk with a walk sign on. I went to the emergency room that day but it took me a few weeks to realize that my injuries were permanent. I was angry, depressed, and in great deal of pain. By the time I got a copy of the police report and realized that a witness had identified the driver, months had passed by.

I kept expecting the other side (AKA the driver and his insurance carrier Wawanesa insurance) to “do the right thing” and I was disappointed by their actions over and over. I was disappointed that the driver hit me and drove off, I was disappointed that he lied about hitting me and I was most disappointed that Wawanesa Insurance would refuse to reimburse me for my medical expenses until they were legally forced to.

After dealing with lawyers that represent Wawanesa insurance for years, one thing is clear: they will use every dirty trick in the book to make you give up the fight. I knew that was I was telling the truth but that doesn’t matter unless you have a lawyer that is ready to step up and be a true advocate for you. I was very lucky to have Mr. Max Draitser on my side in the courtroom along with Mr. Brian Breiter.

Last week my case went to trial at long last. This is first time that I have ever been in a courtroom, much less as the plaintiff. Walking into that courtroom, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. Max and Brian saw to it that I was well prepared for what was about to happen but I was still very nervous. Nerves aside, I knew that Max and Brian were excellent at what they do and they would do everything they could to help me win. Brian and Max’s courtroom styles complement each other perfectly. Brian has the confidence and charisma that gives you feeling that everything will work out fine and Max has a calm and assured energy that lets you know that he is aware of everything that is happening has your back no matter what.

My case was not an easy one but Max and Brian were well prepared and fought for me with every ounce of their being. I was continually amazed at how they anticipated what was needed at each critical moment. I am happy to say that we won and justice was finally served. I was able to get damages and I am grateful. I think equally important to me was the fact that a jury found the driver responsible for causing all this heartache and pain and I was so relieved when they did.

I will never be able to Max, Brian, Mark and everyone else that helped bring this matter to a successful close. I hope I never need to a trial litigator again but if I do, I would want Mr. Max Draitser by my side. – Beth L. 9/5/2015

Two years ago I fell on a badly broken sidewalk and broke the tip off of my collarbone that required surgery. Because of my circumstances I was advised by several people to file a personal injury lawsuit against the city. I actually found Max on Yelp and I would have to consider it one of my more lucky strokes of luck. The lawsuit was a long, drawn-out process–mostly waiting for the city to respond–and every step of the way Max was there to guide me, hold my hand, reassure me. I had never been involved in a lawsuit before and had no frame of reference. If you have no knowledge of a process you’re going through, you’d better have someone in your corner who knows exactly what happens next, who’s prepared you to the best of your ability, and who you believe has your best interests at heart. Everyone knows lawyers aren’t doing it for fun and for free (with some exceptions), but they can also be cynical, abrupt, and dismissive. Max is kind, caring, extremely personable, and compassionate, but in a room full of alpha lawyers, you’ll be glad he’s on YOUR side. I can’t thank him enough for shepherding me through this often unsettling process and for resolving my case more than satisfactorily without having to go to trial. I would use him again in a heartbeat, but I hope this will be my first–and last–lawsuit. – Kim C. 10/10/2016

I was referred to Max by my doctor following being hit by a drunk driver. My accident was a mixture of irony and cliche: 1. I rarely drink and because I drove myself to the other side of the county I hadn’t drank that night. 2. I was coming home from a New Year’s Eve party at the home of my best friends.

The loser who hit me was 20 (not legal) and blood tested 0.18 (legal limit is .08). My car was TOTALED. I was badly bruised and need chiro for months and still have pain in my neck and lower back. He came to my home 2 days after the accident. He wasn’t pushy at all. Made sure I understood everything. He was even nice enough to pickup a bag of cat food as I was running out and had no vehicle.

He quickly made sure I got a rental car and got in touch with L.A. prosecutors and my insurance. Because the jerk who hit me was totally not taking responsibility and to assure his insurance would pay up we also initiated a civil suit (in addition to the criminal case). So, Max has stood by me, battling this matter on 2 fronts.

Despite how obvious the drunk driver’s guilt was, his insurance company assigned a lawyer to him and we have had to battle through RIDICULOUS denials of guilt and responsibility. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Having never had anything like this to deal with and seeing all he has handled and taken care of, I know I couldn’t have done this alone and have been very happy that he was on my side.

The criminal case is basically concluded and we’re just dealing with how much this jerk can pay monthly.

I think we’re 95% done with the civil case – just dealing with important wording matters.

All-in-all … I couldn’t recommend a lawyer higher. If you don’t want some sleazy, ambulance chasing, manipulative jerk … and want someone who will truly listen, care and work WITH you … Max Draitser is WONDERFUL!!! He’s a really good person in general. – Liz W. 4/28/2014

Max was an absolute godsend!

I was referred to him by a friend after being involved in a very difficult and complex collision accident. I’ve been dealing with this case for over a year now and after hearing news of going to trial I felt totally helpless. After our first phone conversation I felt like a massive weight had been lifted. He has gone out of his way to explain all the steps in detail with me so I understand, he’s been incredibly proactive and communicative the whole way through.

I thank my lucky stars every day that I got in touch with him and would refer him a million times over. You’re in the best possible hands with Max. – Maggie D. 1/15/2016

I was rear ended and my car was totaled. I hired an attorney and I wasn’t satisfied so I was looking for another attorney that will understand my needs and came across Max. He was very nice and understanding of my situation. He kept me updated with everything and explained the process with patience. Whenever I called, texted or emailed him, he will respond in a timely manner. My case is closed now and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you for your service Max! – Nancy C. 10/22/2015

After being in a minor accident in which the other party lied to their insurance company about what happened, Max Draitser guided me through the process of taking my case to small claims court. I had no prior experience with the process and Max was invaluable in helping me organize my case and represent myself. I won the case easily.

Max has the rare talent of clear communication. He was able to spell out my options so that I could make an educated decision on how to proceed with my case. He was always prompt in returning my emails and phone calls.

I absolutely will call upon Max should I have any legal questions or needs and highly recommend him to everyone. – Bronwyn S. 1/3/2014

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Draister. After my accident, Mr. Draister represented me in my case. He kept me well informed on the legal process and the status of my case. I can attest that Mr. Draister is a miracle worker and a master at his craft. I am grateful for the results he was able to achieve and could not be more grateful to have him as my lawyer. As a military member my schedule hardly allowed for continuous contact however, Mr. Draister found a way to get everything that needed to be done accomplished. Again, I am grateful for Mr.Draister and all he has done for me. Thank you!!! – Eric S. 2/7/2015

Max was extremely helpful in handling my case after my motorcycle accident. After my accident I had no idea of what to do, and some good friends recommended him. I gave him a call and from our first meeting he advised me on what to do and handled the case for me. It was a great experience working with him and I am very thankful to have had his expertise and guidance in navigating the process. Highly Recommended! – Neeraj K. 8/25/2015

I have only had one experience with a lawyer before hiring Max and that was when I was much younger. However, to this day I remember how I felt like the lawyer did not really listen or care about what I had to say and that he was going to do whatever he had set his mind to. Max is the opposite of that. He listened to everything I had to say and communicated very openly about everything throughout the entire process. He handled setting up all my medical appointments and has even gone above and beyond AFTER a settlement was reached and his job was technically complete. I highly recommend that you give him a call if you need a lawyer. – Adam R. 6/12/2015

Max Draitser and Brian Breiter represented my family in a wrongful death suit. They were energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about their work.

Mr. Draitser was masterful at handling all of our families concerns and questions. He was always available and always on top of all aspects of the case. I highly recommend him. – Greg O. 9/5/2013

I contacted Max after a slip and fall. He is knowledgeable, straightforward and a pleasure to work with. He helped me prepare adequately for all elements of my case, made me feel at ease, and was quick to respond to any inquiries. – Nicole R. 3/23/2016

I am very happy with the services of Max Draitser and his law office. I had a minor personal injury case, however Max treated it as professionally and as seriously as any major case. He was honest, straightforward, and reliable. I was able to settle my case with a major department store and am very happy with the outcome. Thanks Max! – Debbie A. 3/2/2016

Max was referred to me by my physician after a car accident involving an uninsured motorist.
My claim was against my own insurance carrier. It was a complex case requiring an intelligent and mindful approach. Max walked me through every step of the proceedings.
Max’s legal knowledge and preparedness got respect from the mediator and the insurance carrier reps who were deciding my case. The outcome was in my favor and I couldn’t be happier. Legal stuff is never an easy process, so it helps when the attorney representing you is someone you trust. – Lee V. 4/15/2014

Mr. Draitser handled two cases for my family. He is very honorable and true to his word. He exceeded our expectations in both instances. – Allen Z. 4/13/2015

Max Draitser is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was involved in a car accident that resulted in a long and difficult lawsuit spanning nearly two years. I was completely overwhelmed by the process until I hired Max to represent me. Throughout the entire process, Max was incredibly kind, patient, knowledgable, professional, and understanding, and he was 100% willing to fight on my behalf. He was constantly available and always made sure that I understood each step of the process. I completely trusted him with my case and the settlement that we ended up with was very fair. I could not recommend him more highly. Quite simply, he is the best! – Jennifer C. 9/24/2013

I was hit by a truck on the freeway while splitting traffic on my motorcycle. The truck’s driver changed lanes without ever seeing me but, for some unexplained reason, the CHP officer put me at fault for traveling at an unsafe speed; completely disregarding a witness who verified I was traveling at a safe speed for the conditions and who stated the truck changed lanes and hit me. Needless to say, the other driver’s insurance company was not willing to pay me a dime for my property damage/medical bills since the CHP report showed me at fault. I hired Max to deal with the other driver’s insurance company resulting in a lawsuit. In the deposition process, Max exposed the other driver’s lies and inaccuracies and obtained very helpful information from the witness which resulted in the other driver’s insurance company crumbling and offering me a settlement to avoid trial. I am very pleased with Max and his professionalism and would hire him again without hesitation. Thanks again Max. – Shaun H. 12/10/2015

A friend recommended I talk with Max after a client i had ignored numerous requests for payment for a job we completed as per our contract. Max got right on it for me and we received payment within 2 days after hiring him. I know who I will be calling anytime I need a great lawyer! – adam r. 10/23/2012

I’d never needed a lawyer before, but I was getting “screwed” by an insurance company that didn’t want to pay the full amount, (I thought I deserved) so I decided I needed a lawyer’s help. A friend of mine had used Max before and recommended him. Max made everything simple and easy to understand, he also gave me updates during the whole process to let me know what was going on. I asked him tons of questions and he was always available, by phone or email. Whenever I called him, he would call back asap. He’s a real pro. I highly recommend using him if you are having legal problems. – Rafael R. 7/18/2012

Max is representing us during an emotional legal issue and has been professional and knowledgeable. He is a lawyer with integrity and is diligent in pursuing our goals. I highly recommend. – Greg B. 8/27/2014

Upon being injured in a motorcycle accident, a friend of mine referred me to Max Draitser.
It was the first time I was involved in a traffic accident and taken to the Emergency Services.
There, I was treated for several injuries. I left the hospital with crutches and a removable cast on my leg and a staggering medical bill.

The last things I wanted to deal with after this accident were both the legal and the insurance aspects. I was emotionally distraught, in physical pain, and confused about what the next steps would be.

Immobilized at home, Max kindly offered to come to my place and assist me in assessing the situation. From then on, Max handled my claim, referred me to a local chiropractor to help with my recovery and a MRI exam was done. Moreover, I did not have to pay for any of the medical expenses needed during my convalescence.

Max was efficient, caring and always kept me posted on the pending details of my case. A discussion never ended without knowing what the next steps were and I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision.

Finally, I quickly received a substantial settlement check from the insurance covering not only all my medical expenses but also the cost of my (then wrecked and unusable) motorcycle, my clothes and moral compensation.

If you have been in an accident and are in need of a dedicated, experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyer, I highly recommend you give Max Draitser a call. – Laurent R. 11/28/2012

Max is an extremely professional, diligent and thorough lawyer yet still sympathetic through the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and my experience working with Max. Max represented my infant son and I who were victims in a car accident with a city worker. We understood that due to the nature of the situation that we would have a bit of a fight on our hands going up against the city. Max handled it with much tenacity and guided me through the entire case. Thank you Max! – Kim A. 7/19/2012

I can’t recommend max highly enough. He represented me for a car accident case. It certainly wasn’t a big case by any stretch, but even so, Max was incredibly responsive, always great to deal with, and secured me a very fair settlement. He’s a rare find. I can’t recommend max highly enough. He represented me for a car accident case. It certainly wasn’t a big case by any stretch, but even so, Max was incredibly responsive, always great to deal with, and secured me a very fair settlement. He’s a rare find. – D W. 6/13/2014

A couple of months ago I had a legal scare and called Max Draitser for professional advice. He was very competent and comforting, which I found incredibly helpful in getting my nerves under control. Luckily, nothing came out of the situation but I was confident I would have been in good hands had things turned out differently. – Agnieszka H. 5/8/2013

I was referred to Max by a friend after a recent car accident. After our initial meeting I knew I wanted to hire him because of his very professional but friendly disposition. He was a great help to me after the serious car accident I was in and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I would recommend him to everybody. – Alinka D. 7/18/2012