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Bicycle Advocacy: Working To Improve Biking Laws And Policies In Los Angeles

For over 15 years, our founding lawyer, Max Draitser, has been advocating for personal injury victims. In addition to recovering compensation for clients’ lost wages, medical expenses and property damage, he has been a part of improving safety policies and procedures so that the biking community can be safer for everyone.

In addition to his bicycling personal injury practice, Max Draitser is active within the local cycling community and supports multiple organizations seeking safer streets throughout California.

As part of his advocacy, he promotes:

  • Increased adoption of and support for cycling
  • Improved safety and convenience for cyclists
  • Education about biking’s health benefits for individuals
  • Education and advocacy for the transportation and environmental benefits of cycling for communities
  • Cycling and motoring skills
  • Increased public and political support for bicycling

We Want To Make Biking Safer

In addition to promoting better safety within the community, an important part of raising awareness and improving policies comes from pursuing dangerous drivers and correcting dangerous conditions. By bringing these issues to the attention of policymakers and the public, this increases awareness of the problems and paves a path for change.

At Southern California Bicycle Attorneys, we not only help clients with bicycle personal injury claims, we also work to bring about positive change.

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