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About Max Draitser And Southern California Bicycle Attorneys

I am Max Draitser, the founding attorney of Southern California Bicycle Attorneys. I grew up in Southern California. My first real bike was a Huffy dirt bike my folks bought secondhand for my eighth birthday and I’ve been two-wheeling ever since.

I moved onto a road bike as a teen, earning my bicycling merit badge as a Boy Scout. Later, mountain bikes, hybrids and cruisers have all gotten me around, whether around town on errands, on the bike paths with my kids or on longer rides with other cyclists.

As an attorney, I’ve spent the past 15 years representing people injured due to others’ carelessness or recklessness and now focus my efforts on representing cyclists.

For more information about my practice experience, see the lawyer profile link below:

Bicycle Law And Advocacy In Los Angeles

In my practice as a personal injury attorney, I saw the need to for greater bicycle advocacy and awareness. The biking community encounters unique obstacles and challenges as well as additional safety risks that other motorists do not experience.

Bicycle injuries are common and often preventable. I work to make sure that clients are heard and that their losses are addressed appropriately. I believe that cyclists need an attorney on their side advocating for them along the way.

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