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Bike injuries can throw you off your game.
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Southern California | Bicycle Attorneys

Bike injuries can throw you off your game.
Call our office today. Let us advocate for you.

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Los Angeles Bike Law FAQs

When clients first come to see us at Southern California Bicycle Attorneys, they have several questions that we try to answer. While most questions are best answered based on your individual circumstances, we included some guidance here in our bike law FAQs.

How Long Will This Take?

It depends on your circumstances. Many cases can be settled out of court and are often handled this way. Some settlements can be reached quickly in a matter of months while others require more negotiation.

Some cases require that the matter be tried in court and we will not hesitate to pursue your claim at trial if we believe you are not getting just compensation in your case. Cases typically take between a few months to a year or so, but this varies greatly.

How Does This Process Work?

When we meet with clients, we initially evaluate whether they are getting proper medical attention. If they are not, we provide referrals or options to seek out to make sure they get the care they need.

After we ensure that you are getting appropriate medical attention, we can evaluate the liability component of your case and investigate all aspects of your claim. We will make sure that we give you a realistic perspective on outcomes and counsel you on your options.

The Other Driver / Police / Insurance Company Says I Am At Fault. Does That Mean I Have No Case?

No! We often see cases where fault is initially placed on the cyclist but he or she still recovers compensation. This is primarily for two reasons: First, we don’t determine fault until a complete investigation is conducted. Often, new facts or information is revealed that changes the evaluation of fault. Second, even if the cyclist has some fault for the crash, if the motorist also has fault for causing the crash, the motorist is responsible to the cyclist for their percentage of fault. It is important to work with an attorney who understands the bicycle accident process and who knows when to pursue compensation.

Can I Ride On The Sidewalk?

The short answer is “It depends.” Every city has its own laws about whether, where and when a cyclist can legally be on the sidewalk. If it is an issue in your case, call us at and we will explain.

Should I Speak With The Insurance Company?

Do not speak with the insurance company or give a statement without consulting a lawyer first. Insurance companies are not on your side and they will attempt to use any statement you make against you in the proceeding. We know that you want to be helpful, but do yourself a favor and consult with an attorney first to protect yourself.

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Many clients who come to see us never expected to need the services of an attorney. However, there are protections in place if someone is negligent and causes a bike accident. You should be able to pursue just compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and property damage.

Get the answers you need. Call our firm toll free at or locally in Los Angeles at 310-357-3645. We have satellite office appointments for greater flexibility.