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Study shows drivers do not think cyclists are predictable

Unpredictability can cause accidents, no matter what vehicles are involved. When these accidents involve bikes and cars, the results can be tragic.

That’s problematic, because most people in a recent survey said that they do not think that cyclists are predictable. This was true for drivers and non-drivers. Just under 40 percent thought that bikes acted in a predictable manner. Even fewer than that — just over 30 percent — felt that cyclists typically followed the rules of the road.

The percentages are vastly higher for cars. Most people, whether they are cyclists or drivers, felt that cars were predictable and followed the rules most of the time.

However, experts warned that these results did not show what really happened; they just showed how other people felt about it. Drivers had the impression that cyclists were unpredictable, but they could just be incorrect in that assumption.

For instance, one expert pointed out that traffic engineers have created roadway systems that people understand, which is why they find other cars predictable. They know what to expect. Could it be that they simply do not understand the rules cyclists are supposed to follow? Could this lack of understanding make them feel like cyclists are unpredictable rule-breakers even when they are riding properly?

Moreover, could this lack of understanding lead to accidents when cyclists end up in places drivers do not expect?

These are important questions to ask, shedding some light on the issues between the two groups. If you want to learn more about your rights as a cyclist, perhaps after an accident, our website offers a lot of helpful information.