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Damages Involving Accidents Between Bicycles and Rideshares

According to recent research, the most significant number of bicycle-related accidents in California occurs in Los Angeles. As a bicycle rider, you are more vulnerable to severe injuries than others who share the road with you. In addition, your recovery may involve an additional layer of complexity if your accident involves a rideshare vehicle. The damages your recover depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident.

The Driver Is Using the Rideshare App

California laws require rideshare companies to carry $1 million insurance policies to cover injuries and property damage involving drivers on their way to accept rides or driving with passengers. As a result, the insurance will pay for the medical treatment you need for the injuries you sustain and your lost wages until you return to work.

The Driver Is Off Duty

Unfortunately, you will not have the same coverage when you have an accident involving a rideshare driver who is not on duty. In such cases, the off-duty driver’s insurer covers injuries and damage to your bicycle with lower settlement caps that may not be sufficient to cover the compensation you deserve and need.

The Allocation of Fault

California is a pure comparative fault state. Therefore, if your case goes to trial, a judge or jury will consider your level of responsibility for your accident and reduce your damages by a comparable degree.

Southern California roads are notorious for vehicle congestion, leading many residents to rely on bicycles and rideshares for efficient transportation. Although the state continues to pursue safety measures to protect all vehicles, cyclists require additional advocacy measures reflecting their vulnerability.