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3 tips for cleaning your e-bike

Despite being around for well over a century, electric bicycles are just starting to become popular in California and across the country. In fact, in 2018 alone, Americans bought more than 400,000 e-bikes, making them the fastest-growing segment of bicycles.

If you own an e-bike, you undoubtedly know how convenient and safe your new mode of transportation can be. Still, because most electric bicycles are expensive, you must protect your investment by taking good care of your e-bike. The following three tips may help you keep your bike sparkly clean.

1. Be careful with water pressure

Before cleaning your e-bike, you should read through its user’s manual and follow the instructions carefully. Still, because steam and high-pressure water are usually not good for electric bicycles, you should resist the temptation to take your e-bike to the car wash.

2. Purchase a bike shampoo

Electric bicycles have rubber seals and gaskets that can sustain damage from harsh detergents. If your bike is filthy, consider purchasing a bike shampoo. This specialty detergent is milder than dish soap and car cleaners, helping to keep the sensitive parts of your bike in tip-top shape.

3. Pay attention to electronic components

Before washing your e-bike, it is advisable to remove the battery and any other electronic components, such as the display. If these are not detachable, it may be wise to cover them in plastic and avoid direct sprays with water. After all, when it comes to electronics, water is the enemy.

Ultimately, regularly cleaning your electric bicycle is worth the effort, as it boosts your enjoyment and helps to maintain resale value.