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How can you combat cycling arm?

When trying to get fit or stay in shape through cycling, it is important to take steps to ensure that you get your exercise without putting your body at risk. A good way to do that is to understand some of the most common injuries and issues that cyclists face, so you can identify and combat them quickly.

Cycling arm is one such issue, and it occurs when you suffer from prolonged pressure on nerves in your wrists, hands and arms.

What is cycling arm? examines the important steps you can take to minimize injury while biking. Specifically, they discuss steps you can take to fight against cycling arm, an issue that involves stressed, pinched or damaged nerves of the hands, arms and wrists.

Investing in the right equipment

First, invest in the right bike. Even if it is more expensive, your bike must be the right size and weight for you. This will alleviate pressure from your joints, allowing you to enjoy a smoother ride. Thus, it is crucial to take your wheels out on a test drive every time.

Next, adjust your bike. Though you can do this on your own, you can also usually have a professional bike fitting at your local shop. If you notice any pain or numbness after a ride, tuning your bike to better suit your ride style and body is a good idea.

Finally, wear an arm brace if necessary. If you add this to existing safety gear, it can help add the extra support you need to avoid additional strain on your joints. You can start with riding gloves as well.