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Essential safety gear for bicyclists

With hundreds of bicycle accidents happening every year, safety equipment should be a priority. A few essential items can mean the difference between a scrape and a trip to the hospital.

Make sure that you have each of these items every time you go on a bike ride. Wearing this gear can help you prove that you took every precaution if you need to pursue an injury claim.

A good helmet

Your head is one of the most essential and vulnerable parts of your body. Protecting it is extremely important. Make sure that your helmet meets all the necessary safety standards and fits your head properly.

Bright or reflective riding gear

If you are riding during the day, wear bright colors. If you are riding at night, wear reflective gear. Without bright or reflective gear, drivers may not see you in time. Wearing reflective gear can help to make you more visible to drivers, pedestrians and other riders.

Several companies offer reflective gear that also protects you from road burns and scrapes.

Reflectors and lights

Reflectors can help you remain visible during the day. Lights will help you remain visible at night. High visibility can help prevent accidents.

Knee, elbow and wrist guards

Your knees, elbows and wrists are impact points when you fall. Guards help protect them. Although many people view these as unnecessary, they can help prevent long-term damage to your essential joints in the event of an accident.

Accidents happen, particularly if you ride frequently. It is better to use safety gear than risk injury.