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3 tips for biking safely in traffic

Bicycling is an effective way to commute, get exercise and enjoy yourself. But every time you go out on a ride, you put yourself at risk of getting in a serious accident and sustaining injuries, especially if riding in traffic.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, 846 bicyclists died in traffic accidents. These tips can help you stay safe and aware while bicycling in congested traffic conditions.

1. Look in front of you

Many bicyclists get caught up in what is going on behind them and to their sides while biking in traffic. Although you should always remain aware of your surroundings to prevent a bicycle accident, look where you want to go and focus on moving forward.

2. Make eye contact

Unless you make eye contact with another driver, never assume the motorist sees you. Wait to cross an intersection or take a turn until you make eye contact with other drivers in oncoming traffic to prevent an avoidable collision.

3. Follow the flow of traffic

Ride on the right side of the road, but do not go too far right. Although this will put you closer to cars passing you on your left, it will prevent drivers from trying to squeeze past you in tight conditions.

Remember that driving safely on your bike in traffic takes practice. Get used to driving around cars by riding around crowded parking lots and in lighter traffic conditions that lead to destinations you ride to frequently.