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3 Reasons cyclists should avoid LA freeways

When you are stuck in traffic while traveling between your LA office and apartment, you expect to see cars all around you on the freeway. One thing you might not expect to see when you look into your rearview mirror is a man on his bicycle.

Nonetheless, this is exactly what drivers spotted one June afternoon while cruising on the Hollywood 101 Freeway. Traffic congestion can undoubtedly be frustrating, but riding your bicycle on LA freeways is never a good idea.

1. LA is home to two of the country’s most congested highways

LA does not just have a lot of traffic; the city has some of the worst traffic in the United States. According to 2020 research, LA drivers on the 101 freeway to the 110 and the 405 freeway to the 105 spend around 19 hours per year sitting in traffic during rush hour.

2. Most cars are moving 60-90mph

On a bicycle, your maximum speed is usually around 30mph. Without a bike lane or the right-of-way, having vehicles around you going at least two-three times your speed is extremely dangerous. Indeed, it is almost a guaranteed way to sustain a serious injury.

3. Bicycles are easy to miss

While a few people in passerby vehicles managed to capture a shot of the Hollywood freeway cyclist, it is could have been easy to miss him while switching lanes. For this reason, it is always best to avoid LA freeways whenever you are riding your bicycle.

No matter how long you end up sitting in traffic on the 101, you should always resist the urge to pull your bike out of the trunk and pedal the rest of the way home. It may take longer, but waiting in your car is certainly safer.