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Report hazards to the proper authorities and make cycling safer

Los Angeles has a strong cycling community and it is important for everyone to keep an eye out for each other when traveling around the busy city or winding roads. This extends to more than just watching out for other cyclists, drivers or pedestrians. It also means taking care of your roads through prompt and adequate reporting.

As details, cyclist lawsuits due to potholes cost municipalities millions in injury lawsuits. Keeping the roads repaired may help reduce injuries to cyclists.

When you catch a hazard

There are plenty of hazards for you to run into on the roads. Some are urgent like severe damage to the sidewalk or fallen debris. Others are important to note but lack that urgency, like potholes and hazardous storm grates.

As a cyclist, you help your fellow bikers by reporting this promptly. By gathering clear photographic evidence and providing the location, county services have the information they need to fix the issue.

When a hazard catches you

These cyclist hazards are sometimes difficult to see and you might find yourself head over handlebars thanks to one of these potholes. This may result in damage to your bike and, in worse scenarios, yourself.

Reporting these hazards after the fact may be cold comfort to your injuries or repairs, but it may prevent further injuries to other cyclists.

If you find yourself injured by a hazard and have the means to prove it with photos or witness accounts, you may prove that the public roads were too hazardous to be safe. With all that information, you may have a case for compensation regarding your injuries.

Being a safe cyclist is not just about being aware or polite. It is also about making sure to take an active part in making the roads safer for your fellow cyclists through prompt and comprehensive reporting.