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What are the riskiest spots for bicyclists on the road?

Bicyclists face numerous hazards any time they get out on the roads. Most of these dangers come from other vehicles. Many get exacerbated by the types of road conditions that you face while out and about.

What are the riskiest spots for cyclists on the road, though? Understanding these high-risk areas can help you increase the caution you approach them with, thus staying safer.

Roundabouts and T-Junctions

The Conversation takes a look at the increase in safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists across U.S. cities. Many of these concerns tie back to a higher number of vehicles sharing the road together. Road maintenance also plays a role, as poorly maintained roads can contribute to some of the following dangers.

First, you have roundabouts. The bigger they are, the more exits they have, the higher your chances are of getting into a crash. Not every driver abides by the rules when using a roundabout. Some rush in and end up cutting you off or running straight into you if they did not see you.

Next, you have T-Junctions. This poses as much risk as roundabouts. Many motorists will argue poor visibility if they hit a cyclist. However, it is often the result of negligence and a failure to maintain vigilance for cyclists while driving.

Potholes and parked vehicles

Potholes provide a notable danger. They are hard to see, resulting in cyclists not having enough time to react before hitting them. They are often completely avoidable through proper road maintenance.

And finally, parked vehicles. The danger here comes in the form of a driver opening the door of their parked car into your path. This can easily cause massive injuries and even launch you off your bike entirely.

If you face crash damages for any of these reasons, consider contacting legal help. They can aid you in getting the compensation you need for medical expenses.