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The ways technology aims to keep bike riders safe

Bike riders know all about the difficulties involved with traversing the roads around Southern California. Cars and trucks do not necessarily adhere to proper distances or maintain their lanes, making it dangerous to bike beside them.

With bike accidents continuing to rise, tech companies are responding with some helpful gadgets that may prove to prevent deadly accidents. Explore some of the new ways to remain safe while traveling on two wheels.

Self-inflating helmet

Commuting to work rather than taking vehicular transportation is one way to reduce your carbon footprint and traffic on the roads. Wearing a helmet may protect your head, but it may lead to unsightly hair by the time you punch the clock. One company has developed an airbag helmet that has undergone extensive testing at Stanford University. The rider wears the device like a collar, and if an impact occurs, the device will inflate, covering the head like an airbag. Tests done by Stanford University concluded that the device protects the head eight times better than a regular helmet.


Tech companies have spent the most time expanding biker visibility by developing better lighting. Collisions with vehicles frequently occur because the driver did not see the bike in time to avoid it. Even during the day, lights may help make bikes more noticeable in traffic. One design includes mounted lights to illuminate both tires. Another projects a virtual perimeter around the cyclist, giving vehicles trying to pass the proper safe distance to remain away from the bike. It can also help alert the rider if a vehicle gets too close.

Cyclists choose a bike over other modes of transport for many reasons. Regardless of that reason, safety should continue to remain a top priority. As a rider, obeying the rules of the road, making yourself visible and wearing protective gear are the most significant things that you can do to defend against a crash with a vehicle.