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11-year-old suffers fatal injuries in freak bicycle accident

Bicycle accident injuries can be incredibly serious, even in an accident that does not appear all that significant from the outside. You do not have to get hit by a car that runs a red light, for instance, to suffer substantial injuries or even pass away.

A recent accident in California underscored this possibility. The tragic accident took the life of an 11-year-old boy.

According to reports, a number of young boys had taken their bikes inside an apartment building. They were riding around when two of the boys collided. It looks like the 11-year-old hit the back tire of a bike owned by an 8-year-old.

The boy fell from his bike in the crash and “the handle bars impacted his chest,” a police officer said.

The boy’s mother got him in the car and headed for a medical center, but authorities stopped her, and paramedics arrived on the scene. They offered assistance and then brought the boy to a hospital. Though doctors did all that they could, he passed away from the injuries.

“This is a tragic accident and our thoughts are with the families involved,” said the Fontana Police Department in a prepared statement. “Please take this time to talk about bicycle safety with your children.”

This story does show why bike safety is so important, but it also shows how even minor accidents can have tragic consequences. Even talking about bike safety does not prevent these incidents entirely. Those who get hurt in accidents caused by other people or motor vehicles, and the families of those who pass away, need to know what legal rights they have.