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Most dangerous streets in Los Angeles for bicyclists

Los Angeles frequently ranks among the worst cities for bicyclists to commute. The city is bad enough with cars, as you can tell any time you try to drive through the 405. However, bicyclists have less protection than motorists, and they are more susceptible to serious injury when there is an accident.

In 2014, LA Weekly reported on the most dangerous streets for bicyclists in Los Angeles. Although officials have made efforts to make city streets safer for bicyclists, numerous accidents still happen every year on certain intersections. It is vital for bicyclists to be safe when they ride down these streets, but motorists also have a responsibility to ensure there is enough room for everyone to reach their destinations safely.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset gets particularly busy during rush hour, especially if you travel west of Western. Although the street has remained fairly well-paved, many drivers still will not give bicyclists enough room to get by safely. For bicyclists trying to pass, Hollywood Boulevard may be a better alternative. A lot more pedestrians walk in this area, so motorists tend to be more careful.

Pico Boulevard

Many motorists use Pico Boulevard as an easy connector to various parts of town. However, the street is in desperate need of repair. It has many uneven surfaces, which can be extremely hazardous to bicyclists. There are also plenty of hills, which can be tough for inexperienced bicyclists to get over. Any bicyclists trying to get to Santa Monica would be better off taking Venice or Washington Boulevard.

Wilshire Boulevard

Wilshire Boulevard makes it so easy to get virtually anywhere in Los Angeles. However, it has plenty of dangerous spots for bicyclists. There are a few minor hills and some uneven paving, but it has gotten better in recent years. Bicyclists should carry an extra tube with them just in case. There tend to be potholes on Wilshire.