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Stop claiming the roads were made for cars and not bikes

One thing that you hear drivers say when complaining about cyclists is that those cyclists should not be on the road in the first place. Those roads were designed with cars in mind, they claim.

Let’s just put an end to this right now. Let’s stop saying it and stop using this flimsy excuse.

Roads were not invented or designed for cars. They were invented and designed for traffic. Over the thousands of years that people have used roads, that has meant:

  • People on foot
  • People and animals pulling carts
  • People and animals pulling wagons
  • People riding horses
  • People in streetcars
  • People on city buses and school buses
  • People in cars and trucks
  • People on bikes

Now, American development of transportation systems certainly seems to focus more on cars than anything else, in large part because we are a very young country that has had cars for a huge percentage of its existence. They do not feel as new here. Much of society seems to have decided that cars are the only real way to get around.

But the modern focus isn’t the point. People have the freedom to design and use roads in a variety of ways. That’s why we have traffic laws, bike lanes and specific bike laws. Just because cars are the biggest presence on the road does not mean they’re the only ones.

Since many drivers inexplicably think cyclists do not belong, they may drive dangerously around them. When a negligent driver causes an accident and you get hurt, you need to know how to seek out compensation and protect your rights.