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Cyclist killed when struck by car in California

Despite the sheer number of cyclists on the street in California, the roads remain a dangerous place. Collisions involving cars and bicycles put the cyclists in extreme danger, and even a small mistake made by a driver can lead to serious injuries or even death for a cyclist.

That’s exactly what happened recently when a cyclist was simply riding his bike around his hometown. It was roughly 11:25 a.m., so there were no issues with darkness and the reduced visibility it brings. The man was going through an intersection, heading east, when he was hit by a car that was heading north. That car was a blue Toyota Camry.

Tragically, the cyclist was killed in the accident. He was 78 years old.

The elderly man did initially survive the crash, though reports show that he was seriously injured at the scene. Paramedics were dispatched, and he was still clinging to life when they arrived. They offered on-site care and treatment and then took the man to Stanford Hospital, where he could get more advanced care. Unfortunately, he passed away while he was in the medical center.

Police are now talking to witnesses who saw the accident happen. They are investigating to find out exactly what caused the crash. They are asking anyone who witnessed the wreck to call them and provide more details.

After a fatal accident, family members are left with high medical bills, funeral costs, and potentially, lost income. That’s all on top of the emotional toll that such an accident takes on the family. It is important for them to know what rights they have to financial compensation.

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