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What should you know about dooring?

Cyclists like you face elevated risks in just about every aspect while using public roads. Unfortunately, there are no ways to completely eliminate every risk you face.

On the plus side, however, it is possible to recognize and prepare for some of the most common threats. This includes something called dooring.

The risk of hitting the door

Momentum Mag discusses the numerous issues related to dooring. First of all, what is it? In short, dooring refers to incidents where a parked car will open its car door into the path of a bicyclist. This can sometimes happen via the door over the sidewalk, but it is most common if the door crosses over the bike lane.

Dooring can have numerous negative impacts on the cyclist who hits the door. First, the impact alone can cause a lot of damage. Hitting a door at high speed can result in broken bones, bruising, and even concussion. Injuries can grow more extensive if the force of the hit launches you over the car door, sending you into the street.

Getting knocked into traffic

Which leads to the second biggest risk: the possibility of getting knocked into traffic. Hitting a door can cause injury on its own, but that pales in comparison to the injury you may face if you end up knocked into traffic that does not have time to stop before hitting you.

Dooring largely relies on drivers paying more attention before opening their car door. However, you can do more to protect yourself by biking as far away from parked cars as possible and keeping an eye out for figures inside vehicles.