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What should I know before cycling in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park?

State parks may not have the same rules as other places when it comes to biking. You want to always check the park’s website before heading out for a ride.

If you will visit Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, the California Department of Parks and Recreation explains there are restrictions and other rules you must know about before your trip.

Open areas

Once you are in the park, you need to understand the paths and roadways upon which you have permission to ride. In this park, the allowable areas are quite restrictive. You can only ride on Pipeline Road, Rincon Fire Road, Ridge Fire Road and Powder Mill Fire Road.

You cannot ride in the Santa Cruz Sandhills due to the rare plants and animals there. You also cannot be in the Fall Creek Unit. Even if areas where there are bike paths, you need to stay on the path to ensure that you don’t bother any of the natural habitats.

Riding tips

The park does provide guides as to the difficulty of each path. The Pipeline path is paved, and the lower path provides an easy ride on flat ground. The upper area is rougher. There is a steep climb and hills throughout.

The Powder Mill Road path is sand, but it is packed and firm. Most riders should find it fairly easy.

Rincon Fire Road is one of the hardest. It has a mixed surface and is a long path with a lot of changing surfaces.

In addition, the park warns to never ride on the trestles, cross rivers carefully and avoid solo rides. These things should help you to stay safe and enjoy your time in the park.