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How forgetting about bicycle maintenance can lead to accidents

Whether you cycle as a convenient way to get to work or you enjoy it for the exercise and adventure it offers, riding a bike carries a few risks. Personal injury is a leading concern for cyclists, though many worry about accidents or incidents involving motorists.

Proper bicycle maintenance will do a lot to keep your ride smooth and safe. Failing in some key areas of upkeep and maintenance could increase your risk of injury when out cycling.

Common issues to consider

The most common issues you could experience concerning a malfunctioning bicycle involve the brake system and the bike tires. Though injuries tend to occur more frequently by being hit by a car, brake failure or a blown tire can cause a cyclist to swerve or lose control of the bike. The results of crashing into a vehicle or another fixed object can include serious injury and property damage.

Maintenance tips to follow

Some simple maintenance tips can keep you from jeopardizing your safety while out on a bike. Make a schedule to give yourself a more consistent approach to these tasks.

  1. Regularly check the air pressure in the tire and maintain a range recommended by the bicycle manufacturer.
  2. Examine the tire tread and sidewalls for signs of wear and tear.
  3. Inspect the brakes and brake pads to ensure they are secure.
  4. Periodically inspect the wheel rim for uniformity or any wobbling.

In addition to these tips, follow the guidelines set forth by the owner’s guide. This can proactively prevent serious injuries or accidents.