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Regaining the confidence to ride after your crash

A cycling accident in California may leave you questioning if you will ever ride again. Between recovery from your physical injuries and facing the emotional trauma of your situation, getting back on a bike may seem unrealistic.

Regaining the confidence to ride again after a crash will take time. You will need the support of people who love you and want to see you succeed.

Take it slow

Getting on a bike again does not mean strapping on your helmet and going for a 3-mile ride alongside a busy thoroughfare. Getting on a bike again may look more like sitting in the quiet of your backyard and just sitting on the seat, familiarizing yourself with the feeling of riding again. You will want to start riding in quiet, low-traffic areas. Make sure your helmet fits appropriately and ride a short distance.

Post-traumatic stress disorder may prevent you from doing the things you formerly loved to do. According to The Mayo Clinic, one symptom of PTSD is avoidance. Avoiding riding your bike or going near the accident site may be the only way you know how to cope. Pushing past your fears can help you reestablish control and empower you to rediscover your passion for cycling.

Build your confidence

Reflect on your accident and what caused everything to happen as it did. If you could have done anything differently to contribute to a different outcome, think about how you can apply those realizations now. Learning from your past can help you build your confidence and prevent similar circumstances in the future.

Another consideration is to participate in cycling safety courses. Or, learn more about how your bike works, as well as best practices for maneuvering your bike in potentially dangerous situations. Having an attorney who advocates for you can also minimize your stress so you can focus on recovering and regaining your confidence to ride again.