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Vigilance can help you notice common bike hazards

Riding your bicycle can not only provide hours of entertainment but can be a cheaper form of transportation. Since your body is more exposed than if you were to ride in a car, it is critical that you constantly stay vigilant of your surroundings.

When you know some of the common biking hazards you may encounter, you can improve your alertness. Staying away from distractions can help you identify hazards before they threaten your safety.

Grates, potholes and uneven concrete

Even though ideal conditions would mean a smooth surface your entire ride, you will inevitably encounter bumps along the way. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some potentially dangerous hazards include potholes, metal grates, sewage drains and debris. Uneven concrete can also increase the risks of your bike tire getting caught which could cause a crash.

People, pets and cars

Other pedestrians can sometimes walk into your path without any notice. This may happen because of distraction. Even though you cannot always predict others’ movements, your own vigilance may give you enough time to react if you have a sudden encounter with someone in your path. This same strategy applies to pets that may run in front of you while you ride by.

Of course, you should watch for moving vehicles when crossing busy streets or riding alongside a busy thoroughfare. However, it is equally as important to watch for cars when you are in less busy places. For example, vehicles leaving a driveway, doors opening when you ride along parked cars and vehicles turning right.

If you do suffer injuries in a bicycle accident, you may need to hire an attorney to represent you.