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Can you bike on the sidewalk?

Each city within Los Angeles county determines its bicycling laws. It can be confusing when you travel through different areas with varying regulations as a rider.

Plan your route before you leave so you know where you can ride legally on the sidewalk and have an alternate path in places that prohibit it.

What are the current sidewalk riding regulations in LA county?

With over 88 cities in Los Angeles County, there are three options for riding your bike on the sidewalk. According to the LA Department of Transportation Bike Program,

  • 32 cities prohibit riding on sidewalks at any time
  • Riding on the sidewalk is legal in 12 municipalities, as long as bicyclists are mindful of others on the pathway
  • 25 towns allow bikes on sidewalks except in the business districts because of the higher number of pedestrians and busy doors
  • The remaining 19 cities do not state one way or another if bicyclists can ride on the sidewalk

Are there other options than riding in the street in areas that do not allow sidewalk riding?

Sidewalks of busy streets may feel like the safest place to ride, but you should consider other options in areas where it is illegal.

  • Consider using streets with less traffic even if the route is indirect.
  • Some routes have bike lanes designed to keep bicyclists farther from cars
  • Designated bike paths wind through the county, providing riders with a safe alternative to streets and sidewalks

The laws regarding bicycling on the sidewalk vary from one city to the next. It is your responsibility as a rider to be familiar with the regulations where you ride.