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Bike lane safety for Los Angeles cyclists

Los Angeles is not the most bike-friendly city. According to People for Bikes, it ranks 58 out of 104 large cities in the United States. However, you can still safely bike throughout the city if you understand the etiquette.

One of the most difficult aspects of cycling in Los Angeles is the inconsistent bike lanes. See below for bike lane tips to remain safe and prevent bicycle accidents.

Watch out for inexperienced riders

Bicycle lanes do not come with an instruction manual. If you are an experienced cyclist, that does not mean everyone in the lane understands biking etiquette. Keep your eyes open for novices, and be wary of large groups.

Keep your speed in check

There is no speed limit for bike lanes. However, just because you can ride 30 mph does not mean you should. Remember, the bike lanes are for everyone to use, including experienced cyclists or tourists riding a rental. Use some common sense and keep your speed at a safe level.

Know how to pass cars turning right

Turning right in a bike lane is a somewhat tricky maneuver that requires cooperation between motorists and cyclists. Unfortunately, many drivers do not understand the proper technique. As a cyclist, you need to allow cars to move into the bike line and turn right from the curb while you pass on the left. Do not assume every driver knows this, though. Keep your distance and watch for cars turning across the bike lane.

Riding your bike in Los Angeles is not without risk. However, if you pay attention and know-how to navigate regular traffic and bike lanes, there is no reason you cannot enjoy riding every day.