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What are some winter bike safety threats?

Many bicyclists will ride alongside motor vehicles on the road, either out of choice or because there is no decent second option. Between 2009 and 2018, the injuries involving cyclists have risen by a harrowing 30 percent, proving just how dangerous this choice often is.

Though the rate of fatalities has dropped, this does not make crashes between a bicyclist and motor vehicle any less horrible. This is especially true for those who still bike in the dangerous months of winter.

Higher deaths in cooler months

The National Safety Council examines some of the riskiest and deadly biking conditions. Wintertime often comes with the worst of it, creating conditions that increase the likelihood of a car crashing right into a bicyclist.

Cooler months have a higher number of deaths, with 91 fatalities occurring in October of 2018 alone. According to the NSC, bicyclists make up 2 percent of all roadway fatalities. Bicyclists also saw 424,350 emergency visits, meaning that the families of hundreds of thousands of people deal with the fallout of motorist-bicyclist crashes every day.

The reason for danger

In colder months, more people will drive their vehicles. Visibility is often worse due to rain, clouds and snow. On top of that, road conditions also worsen with the addition of black ice, frost and snow. This can make it harder for drivers to spot bicyclists or to stop once they notice them.

As long as you adhere to laws, you have the right to use the main lane or a bike lane. You can file claims for compensation if you suffer from an injury due to the negligent actions of a driver.