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How new technology keeps cyclists safer

With thousands of bicycling collisions each year in Los Angeles, safety needs to be top of mind for cyclists.

As technology advances, bicyclists have many options for cutting-edge gear and safety tools to keep them safe on the road.

Advanced head protection systems prevent injuries

Protecting your head is essential when riding your bicycle. Although California law does not require adults to wear helmets, doing so reduces your risk of head injury by more than 50%.

Today, bike helmets aided by the latest technology minimize your risk even more. Helmets with Multi-Directional Impact Protection Systems absorb more of the rotational forces of angled impacts, helping to prevent severe brain injuries.

LED light signal gloves provide added safety

In a fall, cycling gloves protect your hands from bruises. New glove technology can also potentially save your life during nighttime cycling. Use the built-in LED lights to increase your visibility to cars and activate turn signals in dark conditions.

Rearview radar increases awareness for you and motorists

Radar display units or wearables pair with your smartphone to make you aware of vehicles approaching from behind. Many cycling fatalities and injuries happen at night. The integrated tail light of this type of radar alerts drivers to your presence, reducing the chance of collisions.

Eyewear protects your eyes and ensures clear vision

The latest eyewear designs feature advanced lens technology to help you see well in varying light conditions. Modern sunglasses and goggles reduce the chances of crashing by minimizing sun glare and improving the clarity and contrast of your vision. They also shield your eyes from debris and dust on your ride.

As a cyclist, you face many potential dangers on the road. With new tech, you can prevent possible injuries.