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3 Safest bike rides in Los Angeles

Riding a bicycle around a city the size of Los Angeles can be intimidating at first, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite mode of transportation in LA. Rather, it means that you should always be extra aware of your surroundings, and some areas are safer than others.

To catch a break from the traffic congestion that LA is famous for, it can be helpful for cyclists to know about different routes for car-free or car-limited bike rides around the city. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy some peaceful riding, here are three of the safest options.

1. Cogswell Dam

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to reduce the risk of sustaining a bike-related injury is by riding in areas with little traffic congestion. While this is not always possible, Cogswell Dam offers a perfect place for doing it when you need to get away.

2. Ballona Creek Bike Path

Another solid route for safe riding is the Ballona Creek Bike Path. With 7.4 car-free miles of pathway that leads straight to the beach, this route offers cyclists a stress-free way to escape from the honking and exhaustion of rush hour.

3. Various River Paths

Throughout LA, you can find numerous river paths scattered throughout various neighborhoods. Some examples to try to include the L.A. River Path, San Gabriel River Path and Rio Hondo Bike Path. For a shorter route, try the Arroyo Seco Pathway.

While LA is home to a substantial amount of traffic, it also offers several safe options for cyclists to enjoy the city by bike. These three routes offer a great place to start.