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How can a crush injury affect you?

As a bicyclist, you have less protection than a covered vehicle. Even if you dress appropriately and wear as much protective gear as possible, there is still a higher possibility of you taking a serious injury in a crash with motorized vehicle drivers.

One such injury are crush injuries. Just what are they, and how do they affect the body?

Examples of crush injuries

Medline Plus takes a look at how crush injuries impact the human body. A crush injury is a blanket term used to describe injuries in which part of the body ends up crushed by a heavier object. Like laceration wounds, this blanket category covers a wide variety of injury severity and intensity.

For example, you may end up pinned by a car at the torso. This crush injury could result in organ failure or other issues due to the large area of your body that blood cannot circulate to. Other cases may involve crush injuries to the hands or feet. While this may not seem as dangerous, it can result in gangrene or necrosis quickly due to the immediate lack of blood traveling to the area.

Possibility of fatalities

Most severe cases of crush injuries can culminate in a quick death, with the time ranging from minutes to hours. The possibility of sepsis is also high, especially in cases where necrosis or gangrene have already set in.

Crush injuries of any sort require immediate medical attention. This can create enormous bills both for quick emergency care and the potential medical aftermath that may follow. This is why many victims of crush injuries seek legal help so they can gain compensation.