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How can you treat a broken collar bone?

One of the most common injuries you might endure when in a bicycle accident is a broken collarbone.  If you suffered a collarbone fracture due to a bicycle accident, you require immediate medical attention.

According to Mayo Clinic, there are multiple treatment plans for fractured clavicles.

Exams and diagnostics

When you arrive at the hospital, the doctor will inspect your clavicle. He or she will look for swelling, deformity, tenderness or an open wound at the site. Sometimes, the doctor can determine the broken clavicle from the physical exam and order an x-ray to see the extent of the break. For a more detailed look, the physician may even ask for a CT scan.

Initial treatment and medication

To heal your clavicle, you have to restrict movement. You may have to wear an arm sling to keep the collarbone immobilized. The length of time that you need to keep your arm immobile depends on how severe of a fracture you have. For example, a severe break may take longer than the usual six to 12 weeks. Some breaks only require pain medication and immobilization.

Surgical intervention

When the bone breaks through the skin, you may require surgery when it displaces or breaks into multiple pieces. The surgeon utilizes rods, screws and plates to hold the clavicle in place. Once home, you can use ice to help control the swelling.

Rehabilitation may also be a part of your treatment regimen. Physical therapy ultimately eases stiffness in your shoulder, even while you wear the sling. Later, once your physician removes the sling, you may need physical therapy to restore strength to your muscles and joints.