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3 ways to keep your focus while you ride

Riding safely requires a lot of focus. Cyclists need to remain continuously attentive to both obvious and non-obvious dangers.

Even experienced cyclists need to exercise good situational awareness. Keeping your focus can help you avoid a serious accident when you are riding a bike.

1. Use eyewear

If you are riding at just a moderate speed, the wind can irritate your eyes. A momentary issue with visibility could prevent you from reacting as quickly as you need to, so it is important to remember to use eyewear. Likewise, bright weather could create glare and make it harder for you to see or gauge distances, so it may be a good idea to wear sunglasses on a particularly bright day.

2. Refrain from using your phone

Everyone has heard about the dangers of distracted driving, but distracted riding can also be extremely dangerous. If you have to use your phone while you are riding, wait until you are in an area where you can safely come to a complete stop.

3. Do not wear headphones

Cyclists need to be able to hear what is happening around them. On a busy roadway, listening to music may prevent you from hearing vehicles as they approach you from a blind spot. In general, you should not wear headphones while you are on your bike, especially in high-traffic areas.

When you are riding, there is always some element of danger from things that you cannot control. Nevertheless, you can always stay in control of your focus. Ultimately, keeping your focus will help keep you safe.