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How can a TBI affect your life?

As a cyclist, you unfortunately face a higher rate of serious injury than other motorists on the road. This means you have a higher chance of suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) than your counterparts, too.

A TBI often causes serious complications and may impact your life in numerous ways. It is important to understand the true extent of the impact of a TBI.

Changes to your personality

Mayo Clinic examines the impact of a TBI on a crash victim. TBIs can influence a person’s life in several ways. First, TBIs can alter your personality. Many victims find themselves suffering from an increase in temper and impulsivity. They also have a harder time controlling said things. This can lead to lashing out at loved ones and strangers alike. This is often the hardest part for loved ones to deal with, especially if you did not have a temper before the accident.

Poor stress management

Many victims also suffer from an inhibited stress response, too. This means you have a lower threshold and tolerance for life’s daily stressors. They stack up faster and can lead to a seemingly disproportionate emotional response. Victims often find themselves suffering from breakdowns at work shortly after their accident, unable to cope with workplace stress.

You may even end up affected physically by a TBI. It is common for sufferers to experience migraines and other head pain in the aftermath. For some, these go away with time. Others suffer with this affliction for months or even years.

If you end up in a crash that results in a TBI, consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you seek compensation for the injuries you have suffered through.