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When biking, should I put my child in a trailer or on a seat?

If you hope to bring your child along with you on bike rides, you will need to decide if you want to put them on a seat behind you or in a trailer attached to your bike. Like most things having to do with parenting, there is a lot of controversy surrounding which option is safer.

Ultimately, whether or not a trailer or a seat is safer for your child depends on your riding style and your unique preferences.

When is a seat a better choice?

One of the major pros to having a seat for your child is that it will allow you to maneuver nimbly through traffic. If you spend a lot of time biking in relatively narrow spaces, a seat may be your only realistic option, as a trailer will widen your bike’s footprint considerably.

The main issue with using a child seat is that if you do fall down, your child will fall with you. Additionally, children on bike seats can be harder for drivers to see compared to trailers.

When is a trailer the safer option?

If you have twins or want to take more than one child with you on a bike ride, a trailer is really your only option. Trailers are also easier for cars to see, as they are much wider. They may also be more comfortable for your child and offer protection for them from the elements.

Some parents find that it is harder to communicate with their children if they are seated in a trailer, however. U-turns are also much more difficult with a trailer attached to your bike.