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Tips for biking on crowded streets

Sharing the road with SUVs, trucks, cars and other bicycles is a normal part of biking. But when the roads get busier with more cars and you find yourself biking in traffic, it can be harder to ride your bike safely.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motor vehicle crashes killed 854 bicyclists in 2018. To prevent an injurious or fatal crash while biking on crowded streets, there are certain guidelines you should keep in mind at all times.

Follow safety fundamentals

Always wear your helmet and wear bright, highly visible clothing. Even in crowded conditions, continue to diligently obey the rules of the road and avoid riding against the flow of traffic. You can also prevent a serious bike accident by yielding to other vehicles and pedestrians and planning your rides when it is still light outside.

Refine your riding technique

Improve how you ride your bicycle by maintaining a safe distance between yourself and vehicles at all times. You should also stay a comfortable distance away from the edge of the pavement and refrain from riding on the sidewalk, unless there is no other safe option.

Increase your awareness

Staying alert while riding your bicycle is even more important when traveling on crowded roads. Always communicate your intentions to others while you ride, and try to make eye contact with motorists and ride with confidence, especially as you travel through intersections. Additionally, enhance your awareness of things that can create dangerous situations, like sharp bends in the road, bright sunlight and fatigue.