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New technology helps cyclists stay safe after dark

If you spend a lot of time on your bike, you are probably no stranger to riding after dark. You also know how vulnerable to accidents you are.

Here are four safety innovations that offer protection when you are riding your bicycle after nightfall.

Laser circle

Michelin offers a device called the “BikeSphere,” which serves as a proximity detector. This device creates a protective circle around your bike using red-light lasers so that passing vehicles will give you ample space. Sensors detect an approaching vehicle, and the laser circle intensifies to alert the driver of your location.

Cyclist light

The Fire Cannon cyclist light operates in four different modes —from Eco to High — with a top illumination of 2,400 lumens. You can choose the level of lighting you want depending on the riding conditions. The device fits on your handlebars and comes with temperature control to ensure it does not overheat with use.

Camera-equipped helmet

The Classon helmet with smart technology helps bicyclists steer clear of blind spots in nearby vehicles. The helmet has cameras on the front and on the back, as well as lights on the side that illuminate with your arm movements. The cameras warn of approaching vehicles so you can take evasive action, if necessary.

Pedal LEDs

Light your pedals with a series of Bluetooth-connected LEDs. Push the buttons on the ends of your handlebars to activate the flashing LEDs and signal a turn.

Reducing risks

There is no shortage of distracted or aggressive drivers in California and, as a bicyclist, you must always be alert to possible danger. If you are riding after dark, wear reflective gear to make yourself more visible, and look into the newest innovations in bicycle safety gear to help you stay safe.