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Bicyclists need to be wary of angry drivers

Road rage is often associated with angry drivers and motor vehicle accidents. However, bicyclists may experience aggression themselves or from others that can put their safety at risk. Though bicycles are always becoming safer with new technology, your bike is no match for a car, truck or motorcycle.

In the event of an accident, bicyclists are often the most vulnerable party. Injured bicyclists are also far more likely to sustain catastrophic injuries that result in them needing lifelong medical care. Learn to identify the signs of road rage to avoid the legal and financial ramifications of bicycle accidents and injuries.

Signs of aggressive motorists

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the scenery or music while you are riding your bike. However, you need to stay fully alert and aware of your surroundings, especially at crosswalks and intersections. Road raging motorists tend to not follow traffic rules and can be unpredictable. They often speed, tailgate, ignore traffic signals, disregard other motorists and make critical driving errors.

Follow all bike riding rules

Make sure you are not engaging in risky road rage behaviors that make you a target. Motorists can become angry and aggressive for many reasons, including bicyclists who cut them off, race, or ignore traffic and safety rules. Be sure to always wear a helmet, use bike lanes when possible and avoid letting vehicles get too close to you. Also, watch your riding surfaces and avoid environmental hazards.

Bicyclists who sustain injuries due to road rage accidents may be able to receive compensation with the help of an experienced attorney.