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Bike lanes are expanding and improving

There’s some good news for cyclists in California and all over the world: Bike lanes are continuing to expand. The infrastructure supporting bikes in many cities is constantly improving. All of this makes it easier and safer to ride.

Over the last year, there has been a massive surge in cycling. Many of the typical bike lanes and trails have seen far higher traffic than they did in past years, and the number of automobiles on the roads has decreased. This is a great thing to see if you’re a cyclist, of course, but it also strains those existing bike paths and lanes.

Solutions for increased bicycle traffic

To combat this, some cities have been adding temporary bike lanes and solutions that offer instant relief to the surges in traffic. This can be helpful and works to keep people safer. Other areas, though, have taken it a step farther and added new permanent bike lanes. No matter what happens with traffic levels in the future, those lanes are going to stay.

Cyclists know that they’re allowed to share the road with cars, and they should definitely keep doing so. However, studies have also shown that designated bike lanes reduce accident risks, so it’s important to keep the focus on expanding dedicated bike lanes for years to come. As the population climbs and more people turn to bikes, they’re going to need those lanes.

With more cycling comes more accidents, unfortunately. If you get injured in a crash, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation.