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What is the safest style of bike?

If you choose to ride a bike in Los Angeles, you should be aware of the risks in order to stay safe. However, many cyclists fail to recognize that their choice of bike can directly affect their safety.

Make sure you consider all options when choosing your preferred bike. Here is some important safety information on three popular bike styles to consider before making your next purchase:

  • Road bike: Featuring dropped handlebars for speed and a narrow frame, road bikes enable you to zip through traffic with ease. Their downfall is that your head-down position restricts your ability to see what is around you. The bikes are light, adding to their maneuverability. The skinny tires have minimal rolling resistance and thereby save you energy while riding, but potholes or curbs can more easily damage them.
  • Mountain bike: The upright position of a mountain bike gives you great awareness and also makes you more visible to drivers. Wide handlebars encourage cars to give you a wider berth, but they can limit your ability to fit through small gaps. While the greater range of gears makes climbing hills easier, the fat tires are not efficient. However, fat tires are safer on bad roads, do not fall into storm drain grates and tend to cope better with potholes.
  • Hybrid: Many cyclists find hybrids to be the ideal city bike as they combine a mountain bike’s upright position with the narrower wheels and lighter frame of a road bike. This compromise means a road bike will beat them for speed and a mountain bike will beat them on the trails, but hybrids provide a well-rounded option for bike commuters and more casual cyclists.

If you ask a thousand Los Angeles cyclists what the best style of bike to ride is, they are unlikely to come to a consensus. Personal preference plays a significant role in bike choice, as well as budget. However, there are two things all cyclists would agree on: A well-maintained bike is a safe bike and, however fantastic your machine may be, you can never account for the actions of those around you.

If you have been knocked off your bike by a negligent driver, contact a qualified attorney to help with your case.