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Bike safer with these helpful cycling rules

If you plan to cycle in Southern California, then it is important that you know the laws. If you aren’t familiar with them, then you could make mistakes that put you or others in harm’s way.

Where can cyclists be on the roadway?

One interesting thing about the state of California is that you can ride wherever you want so long as you’re moving at the same speed as the surrounding traffic. So, if you want to be in the middle of the lane, you can as long as you’re moving up to speed.

If you’re not able to keep up with traffic, then it’s time to move over to the bicycle lane. While many people believe that it’s essential to use this lane whenever it’s present, you can actually ride in the roadway if you’re traveling at the speed limit. If you are near a separated bike lane, this is also the case. You may choose to ride your bicycle in any lane of your choosing.

Can bikes cross toll bridges?

It’s important for you to move with the flow of traffic in the direction of traffic. This applies regardless of the speed at which you’re traveling. If you are approaching a toll bridge, keep in mind that, by law, you are usually not permitted to cross. However, if you are, there will be a sign posted by the California Department of Transportation to let you know.

As a cyclist, these are some of the basic rules you should know and follow on the roads. You are also in control of a vehicle, so it’s important that you follow the rules of the road and are cautious with your behaviors. If you’re hit, then make sure you call 911 and get information about the at-fault driver.