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Finding advocacy when bicycle injuries change your life

In many cases, biking accidents only result in minor injuries such as bruises and simple lacerations. However, bicycle injuries can also be quite severe, especially when you consider the overall lack of protection bikes provide. Still, riding bikes remains a popular mode of transport in the Los Angeles for many valid reasons.

Like you, our attorneys enjoy biking and are invested in improving bicycle safety. We have found that educating our fellow bicycle enthusiasts is a great way to enhance safety for all who enjoy cycling. Raising awareness about the many serious or catastrophic bicycle injuries that can occur in an accident is part of our mission to serve California residents.

What types of serious injuries can occur from a bike accident?

Traumatic brain injuries occur frequently when a motor vehicle collides with a cyclist. Even those that diligently wear protective gear and helmets are at risk for serious brain injuries. When such injuries occur, the victim will require immediate medical care and may also need ongoing treatment such as a prolonged hospital stay, follow-up visits and physical therapy. The costs associated with this level of health care are typically astronomical.

What can victims do to mitigate these costs while still receiving the medical care necessary to continue enjoying life? As you might expect, it depends upon the details surrounding the victim’s bicycle injuries. You could rely solely on your insurance to meet your financial needs or you could pursue an injury lawsuit if the accident involved another party’s negligence.

What are my legal options following an accident?

In either scenario discussed above, legal advocacy is vital. The right attorney can make certain that you acquire the compensation you deserve when dealing with insurance providers. A skilled lawyer can help you pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent parties responsible for your harm.

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