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Choose the right helmet for better bike safety

Every time you go out on your bicycle, you are at risk for serious injuries or even death caused by an accident. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that every year in the U.S., bicyclists make up 2% of all fatalities from vehicle accidents. 

Wearing a helmet can prevent serious head injuries when you ride your bike. But you have to wear the right helmet, and that starts with securing the proper fit. 

Measure your head

Start by measuring the circumference of your head with a soft tape measure. You should measure the area approximately one inch above your eyebrows. Use the measurements you take to find the proper fit using the manufacturer’s sizing chart. 

Buckle the straps

Even if you go out for a short ride, you should always buckle your helmet’s straps to prevent serious bike injuries. Adjust the straps until you can fit one single finger beneath the bottom of the strap and your chin. This will allow for comfort while also securing the helmet on your head in the event of a crash. 

Perform the wiggle test

To check for proper fit, put your helmet on your head and buckle the straps. Shake your head up and down, side to side and around. Your helmet should not move dramatically in any direction during this test. If the helmet moves too much, adjust the straps and the retention system. You will likely need a different helmet if you max out the retention system, but the helmet still does not stay securely on your head.