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Common hazards bicyclists might overlook

Bicyclists enjoy a unique position on the roads that enables them to enjoy the freedom of the ride, but they must ensure that they’re taking steps to remain as safe as possible. A quick reminder about some of the common hazards cyclists face might benefit everyone, especially those who are just getting back on the roads.

1. Motorists are often a hazard for bicyclists. Whether they’re driving and infringing upon the right-of-way of cyclists or not paying attention when they open a door that cyclists might be around, they can cause serious injuries for anyone riding a bicycle.

2. Dogs are another risk that cyclists face. Many dogs are nice, but they might opt to chase bikers or bark obnoxiously. This distraction and safety hazard can cause bicyclists to crash or veer into traffic and get struck by a vehicle.

3. Tree leaves and grass clippings on the roads can be slick for bicycles to ride over. Bicyclists should try to avoid these so they don’t lose control of their bike. This is especially important when the clippings or leaves are damp because they can become as slippery as ice.

4. Broken pavement and potholes are also dangerous because they can cause a cyclist to crash. Additionally, when they’re covered by debris the cyclist may not notice them and have a chance to avoid them.

Unfortunately, dealing with some hazards means trying to swerve away from them, which can put the bicyclist in danger of being struck by a motorist. If another driver’s negligence plays a role in your bicycle wreck and you suffer serious injuries, take steps to protect your interests and contact an attorney before you talk to the insurance company.