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Why drinking and riding your bicycle is not a good idea

You may think riding your bicycle after a few drinks is no big deal. You may feel good that you decide to take the bike rather than drink and drive. However, is drinking and biking really a good idea?

Is it legal to drink and ride your bicycle?

If cycling in Los Angeles, you are subject to California traffic law, which includes specific bike laws. One of these covers riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. It is illegal to do so and could result in a fine.

What if you are involved in an accident?

You may feel confident that you can ride your bike without causing an accident, even after a couple of drinks. However, you cannot control the actions of other road users and could still end up involved in a bike accident. If this happens, the police or other party may notice the alcohol on your breath.

 Can you still claim for injuries if biking under the influence of alcohol?

Does biking while under the influence of alcohol mean you cannot claim personal injury compensation in an accident? No, but it does weaken your case. Lawsuits over bike accidents are often settled based upon the negligence of each party. The other party could try to use the fact you were drinking before biking to prove negligence on your part. They could use this to lower the amount of compensation you are due.

In situations like these, you need the help of an attorney that focuses their business on bike law. Just because you broke the law does not mean you aren’t entitled to compensation.