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Major Burbank Boulevard bridge renovation will include new bike lanes

The Golden State Freeway, also known as the 5 Freeway, is a major thoroughfare that allows commuters to take a more direct and faster route to their destination. In order to prevent the freeway from interfering with surface street traffic, there are multiple bridges over the freeway.

One of the busier bridges will close after midnight on March 14, 2020 and remain closed until sometime in 2021 for a major renovation project. The project will involve the demolition of the existing bridge and the construction of a replacement bridge that will necessitate the closure of Burbank Boulevard between San Fernando Boulevard and Front Street.

The new bridge will offer many features, including bike lanes

For far too long, the safety of cyclists has not been a priority among those designing freeways and infrastructure in Los Angeles, but that has begun to change in recent years. The fact that bike lanes are an integral component of the new bridge makes it clear that officials across the state of California and in Los Angeles have begun to pay attention to the safety of cyclists.

Although it will likely be more than a year until the new bridge opens, locals and commuters alike seem enthusiastic about the impact the new Burbank Boulevard bridge will have on the flow of traffic. In addition to the new bike lanes in both directions, there will also be wide sidewalks and carpool lanes in both directions.

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