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After deadly accident, driver faces 19 legal charges

The man who died was just 36 years old. He had recently become a father.

In the wake of the crash, the police did arrest a suspect. He is a 41-year-old man. It appears that he left the scene after the accident, rather than giving aid to the injured man, who then succumbed to his injuries. He is now facing 19 charges, including:

  • Leaving the accident scene
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving with a weapon in the vehicle

At this time, the police have not specifically charged him for the deadly accident. They are still carrying out their investigation. They did note that he had a criminal record, though, which included illegal ammunition possession and narcotics charges.

The cyclists were riding in a group, and another rider nearly got hit, coming inches from the vehicle. Some of the cyclists had descended a hill and had to ride up again to find their injured friend. As one rider put it: “It wasn’t a scene I ever want to see again.”

These types of tragic deaths are all too common in the cycling community. They should never happen. Those who do get injured, and the families of those who pass away, absolutely need to know all of their legal options.