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Cement truck hits and injures cyclist

Cement trucks are among the heaviest vehicles on the road, and they pose an incredible risk when involved in accidents with other vehicles. On the other side of the coin, cyclists face some of the highest risks when struck by vehicles.

Both of those issues came together recently in California when a cyclist was hit by a cement truck. Reports indicate that the truck and the cyclist were both going in the same direction, on the same road. The truck attempted to make a right turn as the cyclist was passing by the truck on the right. The two collided.

The cyclist is 51 years old. Though he did survive the encounter, he has serious injuries. Emergency crews who responded to the call took him to San Diego, where he was admitted into Scripps Mercy Hospital. The fire captain did say that, while he had major injuries, they were not thought to be life-threatening.

For family members, that news is very welcome indeed; accidents involving cyclists often lead to fatalities, especially with construction vehicles. However, though they are no doubt overjoyed that their loved one survived, they could still face incredibly high medical bills, lost wages, a long road to recovery and many other issues.

You can’t take something like this lightly. An injured person’s life could change dramatically and irreversibly. That’s why it is so important for those who suffer serious injuries in bike accidents to know what legal rights they have. They may find that they can seek out compensation to help cover some of these unexpected costs.