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3 types of bike helmets: Choose the right one

You know that a bike helmet vastly increases your safety in the event of an accident. But what one do you choose? With thousands of options on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming.

The best place to begin is by understanding that there are three main types to choose from. They are:

  • Mountain bike helmets: These are often more rugged and have extra protection at the back of the head. Road riders tend not to strike the back of the head in a crash, but it’s common for mountain bikers. These helmets also have good ventilation for high-output physical exertion.
  • Road bike helmets: Road bikers care about weight, so these are typically lightweight helmets. They also have an aerodynamic design and good ventilation since speed is so important. Along with this speed — and riding on the road, near cars — comes a lot of risk, though, so these helmets also need to offer next-level protection.
  • Recreational helmets: These are the generalized helmets you can buy at big box stores. They are typically aimed at novice riders and beginners. They tend to be a more economical option. They do offer protection, but it may not be as extensive. If you are riding on trails or at high speeds, you probably want something a bit more suited to keeping you safe. Any helmet is better than none, but these helmets may not protect you in a serious crash.

Naturally, even if you have the perfect helmet for you, a car accident can still lead to devastating, life-changing injuries. You may need to seek financial compensation for your medical bills.