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Teen racing cyclist dies in U-turn accident with car

Tragedy has struck Team California, as a 19-year-old cyclist who raced with the team recently died in an accident during a training run.

The young man was planning on participating in an upcoming race, the Redlands Bicycle Classic. He was training for it on the course, riding behind a Honda sedan. The California Highway Patrol says that the car’s driver then attempted a U-turn, cutting him off and running into him. Speeds are unclear at this time.

“The Honda made a U-turn directly into the path of the cyclist and the cyclist crashed into the Honda,” said the Highway Patrol after the incident.

While emergency officials did arrive at the scene to rush the young athlete to the hospital, he then passed away at the medical center. He was from Nevada and he had spent the last six years building up his career on various racing courses. He began with mountain bikes and then moved to street bikes, where he showed tremendous promise.

“We are absolutely heartbroken by the tragic collision that occurred Tuesday,” said the president of the Redlands Bicycle Classic in a statement. “The cycling community is a very tight-knit one. The loss of such a talented, young cyclist is being felt across all cycling disciplines.”

All it takes is one mistake for a driver to cause a deadly crash for a cyclist. No matter how skilled or experienced you are, there is always the chance of being hit due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. If you suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one, you may be able to seek financial compensation.