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Drivers: Here’s how you can protect cyclists and share the road

Drivers and cyclists have an obligation to share the road, but it does not always go that smoothly. In some cases, the two groups feel a sense of resentment toward each other. In other cases, people just honestly do not know how to share the road properly.

To help, here are a few things drivers should always do to protect cyclists and prevent accidents:

  • Never blindly open a door on a parked car without checking to see if a cyclist is coming down the street.
  • Be especially wary of children, who love to ride bikes but who often act impulsively and unpredictably.
  • When cyclists have the right of way at an intersection, yield it to them and patiently wait for them before driving. Don’t try to rush them or cut in front of them.
  • Keep your distance. Stay in your lane, but don’t crowd a cyclist in the bike lane.
  • Never park in bike lanes or drive in them. If you have to cross them, always check blind spots carefully.
  • When passing, do it slowly. Don’t attempt to speed past a bike or pass when you don’t have room. Be cautious, as this is one of the most dangerous times for a cyclist.
  • Be very careful when making a turn. Intersections lead to increased danger because many drivers only look for other cars, and they miss cyclists entirely.

If drivers use these tips, they can absolutely make the roads safer every day. Unfortunately, many drivers will not take this advice, so cyclists who get injured in accidents have to know how to seek compensation.