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6 types of dangerous bike vs. car accidents

Bicycle versus car accidents can happen in many ways, but studies have found some of the most common types of crashes. If both drivers and cyclists are aware of these accidents, they may be able to take steps to prevent or avoid them.

That does not mean accidents won’t happen. People make mistakes, and vigilance and a commitment to safety are required to avoid these critical errors. Even good drivers suffer from lapses in judgment. However, education is the first step toward making the roads safer, so here are six of these common types of collisions to keep in mind:

  1. At an intersection, the driver has a stop sign and the cyclist doesn’t, but the car pulls out into the bicycle’s path.
  2. Similarly, the cyclist has a stop sign and the driver does not, but the cyclist rides out into the path of the car.
  3. A driver pulls out into the road from behind an obstruction, such as emerging from an alley between two buildings, where the driver cannot see the cyclist in the road and the cyclist cannot see the car.
  4. The driver turns left into the path of the bicycle, crossing into the cyclist’s lane.
  5. The cyclist slows down to turn left and gets struck from behind by a car in the same lane.
  6. The driver attempts to turn to the right and hits a cyclist who is going straight but, due to staying near the shoulder, is actually on the right side of the car.

Have you been involved in any of these accidents? If so, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your injuries.